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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quantum mechanics has raised issues about the role of the observer since it's inception. This has led to crazy debates, even prompting some to ask if things exist when a conscious observer isn't looking, or whether the conscious mind has a real fundamental role to play in actually creating reality.
Thoughts like these are explored in "Equations of Eternity" by David Darling, one of the best written popular science books I have come across. Darling has an amazing skill for shedding new light on obvious facts about the brain and the operation of the universe. The first part of the book is an exploration of how the brain works, how its developed through evolution and how it manages to conjure up what our minds view as reality. The first half of the book is very deep and is sure to cause many sleepless nights where you ponder the concepts Darling has put forth.
In the second half of the book he moves on into a discussion of "the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics", focusing on what quantum mechanics and theoretical physics have to say about the role that conscious observers might play in the universe, and the fundamental role that mathematics plays in the description of the universe. All in all its a fascinating read, highly recommended.


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