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Saturday, April 01, 2006

From the fringes of quantum physics and relativity theory comes Bob Lazaar, an interesting man who claims to have worked on UFO's at Area 51. Tonight on coast to coast AM, the show will be guest hosted by George Knapp, a TV reporter who broke the Bob Lazaar story several years ago.
Lazaar is a very well spoken and charismatic man, but his story doesn't add up. I am not even talking about his wild claim to have worked on UFO's and "antigravity" propulsion at Area 51. Let's just start with his basic storyline.
He claims to be a physicist that worked at several places where a clearance is required, including Los Alamos and Area 51. I don't recall where he claimed to have gone to school, it might have been Cal Tech or MIT, but something that stood out for me was he claimed not to recall any professors names.
Anyone who has gotten a technical degree will recognize this claim as absurd. Students in math, physics and engineering run into hard professors and nutty professors, and good professors that just downright torture you during the semester. At least some of the names of these professors stick to you like glue throughout your life and its something that binds you to your fellow students at the institution where you got your degree. So when I heard Lazaar make this statement it struck me as odd to say the least.

Then there is the problem of his academic record. As I recall he claimed to have an advanced degree in physics yet there was no record of him having attended any of these prestigious instituions. This was explained by the claim that the CIA wiped out his record or something like that.

It has also been difficult to verify his work record. The sole evidence he worked at Los Alamos is a single paystub for a 2 week period where he worked as a technician. Again, I believe this is explained away by the vast powers in the CIA wiping out his record.

Anyone who believes the CIA or any government entity is that powerful or that places like Los Alamos are that secretive has been spending too much time watching television! The fact is its no secret who works at Los Alamos or any other government lab. The only things that are secret are the details of the project they work on. Its easy to find out that Joe Schmo works at X national lab in department Y. To me, the fact that no such record exists for Lazaar indicates that at best he worked as a temp here and there doing contract work. He was not some top scientist that would be called upon in the extremely unlikely event that they needed someone to "reverse engineer" a UFO. In a nutshell, I basically don't buy into Lazaar or his crazy story.

If anything, the Lazaar phenomenon is an interesting study in human behavior and our wish to live in a universe inhabited by aliens. Despite my skepticism I find the story interesting and intend to tune in at least part of the evening to George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM tonight.


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